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As some of you know I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere trying not to kill anyone. And I'm in need of entertainment. So people should tell me what they're writing/drawing/working on. Or how life is treating you. Or rec me stories/music/podcasts. Or interesting links. SOMETHING or I might go crazy.

I have a Canada problem

From femslash!athletes thing.

Nate ripped her arm away with a yelp. "You bit me!"

"You fucking noogied!" Olly spat and wiped at her mouth. "Shit, you've probably infected me and now I'm going to die of Canadianism."


Olly spat again as she waved a dismissive hand. "You know. Wear flannel plaid. Become a lumberjack. Have a sick codependent relationship with Canadian Tire."

"Are you confusing lesbians and Canadians again?" Nate said, rubbing at the perfect indentations of Olly's teeth. "Fuck, it's bruising already." She looked up to give Olly the full effect of her glare, but of course Olly wasn't even paying attention.

"No wait, lemme guess, you're gonna abandon me in the middle of nowhere. Like Nova Scotia. Where I'll die because I'm allergic to lobsters and there's nothing else to eat there."

Let's talk race

Most days, I don't have the energy to give a crap about all the shitty slash ebooks that're out there. And there're a lot, let's be honest. But, The Luxury of Vengeance By Isabella Carter is more than crap. It's offensive. It is one of the most offensive racist crap that's been published. Yeah, I used the 'r' word.

And not even that, but this is a story is woefully under-edited. Just a tip, if you're starting off the story with a "This happened, and then this happened" monologue to establish backstory, you're gonna lose a lot of readers. And it wasn't a couple of paragraphs, this atrocity squeezed in a whole novel's worth of politics and romance and legends into five pages. FIVE PAGES.

But, if I was gonna talk about the writing issues in this, it would be a 10k word rant, so let's focus on the part that really pisses me off; the issue of race and cultural appropriation.

Let's start with it being set in an Wuxia-like world, where everyone seems to have one syllable names. Did she just look through "Chinese Baby Name" sites and pick the pretty Asian sounding ones? I'm sorry, but Chinese names are somewhat more complicated than that. But, the worst thing, THE WORST THING is that the MC, going by the name of Chien is white and blond haired. While the others are traditionally Asian looking. Unfortunate implication much?

The rest of the book is an amalgamation of badly written tropes used to manipulate the reader into falling sorry for Chien. He's got evil siblings, an evil aunt, a world who thinks he's a fool blah blah blah. Plus some deus ex machina in the form of a dragon sword. Yeah, a dragon. Who only appears....three times? But y'know, of course, any Asian-centric fic must have a dragon in it.

And to make this more authentically Asian, the author tosses in a few meditation scenes, to cement Chien's credit as a philosopher and peace-loving soul. He's so deep, meditating on his thoughts. That is not how meditation works. You talk to any practicing Buddhist, and they'll tell you that's only the surface of meditation. Chien, who is also a martial arts genius (of course, he's an Asian prince, why wouldn't he be), should know better. Also, the use of "Life is Suffering" mantra, insults me beyond all measure. The way the author uses the phrase, as a way to make Chien even more emo, is....it's not in the spirit of Buddhism. It's not a mantra to invoke self-pity, it is a mantra to remind you of the one universal truth. And if you're gonna mention a religion/philosophy once, then make it a theme, not a throw away line to make your character sound smart and deep.

You wanna write an Asian culture story? You fucking research it. You don't throw in things you think feel Asian and call it done. And, another point, mixing in multiple Asian beliefs and cultural practices into the one story? Also insulting. Because we're not one race with one culture. Repeat after me: NOT ONE RACE. NOT ONE CULTURE. Okay?

Right, it's 1am, and I'm writing this pretty fucking pissed off, so I'm gonna go sleep now.
I honestly thought I’d never say it, but I do. I miss ortho. I miss the fractures and the X-rays and the patients who have something wrong with them. The worst thing about DEM is how many patients don’t need actual emergent management. How many people come in to DEM just wanting a bed for the night or food. The people who waste time and money and bed space because they want a day off from work. Who come in with a problem they’ve had for ages because they’re unhappy with how they’ve been looked after by a GP.

I want to say I’m sympathetic to anyone and everyone, but all I can think of is how many people are out there who can’t get a bed or be looked at as urgent as they need because someone else is taking up their spot with spurious complaints. I think we can talk about patient-centric care and being compassionate doctors all we want, but when you’re faced with patients who’ll get angry at you because they’ve had to wait to be seen for their left arm tingling that’s been there for a year, it’s hard. Especially when you’ve just come from seeing a patient who’s got an aortic rupture. It puts everything in perspective and I wish people could understand that.

Then again, they don’t have the training we’ve had. For patients, all their problems are urgent and immediate and life-threatening, and that’s why they’ve come to emergency…..that said, they should try living in a third world country with the non-existent healthcare system.

Slightly rambling, but people seem to think that a good public healthcare system is a right, like they’re entitled to it. But it’s not. When you think about the percentage of the world who has such easy access to well-trained doctors, and that number is far outweighed by those who don’t, it’s really a privilege. We’re lucky enough to live in a country where the government cares enough to provide the funding for it, where the doctors aren’t dictatorial and dismissive, where if you’re suffering from a life-threatening disease you’ll be a priority, where money isn’t the determining factor in whether you live or die.

And maybe this is why doctors get so cynical, because people do take advantage of the public healthcare system to further their own wants, not needs. But I suppose the thing to remember is that there’re a lot more people who don’t. A few bad apples and all that.


Hey, dunno who the heck reads my LJ (or why) but KM Ruiz (who is an amazing awesome writer) is celebrating her debut novel's one year anniversary by running a contest. She's giving away a signed hardcopy of Mind Storm and an advanced reading copy of Terminal Point. The only catch is you have to comment with your current music obsessions and favourite musicians. Hard chore, right?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a summary of Mind Storm:

After the world was nearly wiped out by a nuclear war 250 years ago, what’s left of society fights over the scraps of the Earth as the rich and powerful plan to secretly ascend to another planet. But the deadly new breed of humanity that the rulers have enslaved to protect their interests is about to change everything.

This is the story of Threnody Corwin, a psion with the ability to channel electricity like lightning through anything she touches. As a soldier-slave for the human government, Threnody is recruited by an unknown enemy: the son of Earth’s most powerful human family.

But Lucas Serca is far from human and he intends to make Threnody and her fellow psions meet their destiny, no matter how many people he has to kill to do it. Mind Storm chronicles the fight for survival by the psions and other gene-trash humans, before they’re killed by a corrupt world government or left to die on a crumbling Earth.

Also, the competition is worldwide! :D


Speaking as a comic fan, HOLY MOTHER OF ALL GOD LET ME HAVE SWEET, SWEET BABIES with the script. There is just so much snarking and one-liners, which, it is Whedon so of fucking course. And whoever was choreagraphing the fight scenes did an amazing job. Especially any of the ones Black Widow was involved in. She was all liquid silk and soooooooo pretty to watch as she kicks the crap out of everyone. And Maria Hill was just as ridiculously awesome in every scene she was in.

I could watch a whole movie with just Black Widow, Hawkeye and Maria Hill kicking arse. While the boys play secondaries (especially Banner, who is this bundle of woobie and sarcasm).

And the big fight at the end was so good with these comedic or tragic moments to break the monotony of punch-punch-shoot-rinse-repeat. My favourite thing was how Cap and Stark didn't get to take on the big bad at the end, while everyone else kills minions. They were an actual team who went where they were needed and not where there was the opportunity for glory. It was even more amazing in the case of Stark who HATES playing nice.

The crowning thing though, is the technology. The laptops and the holo screens and I want a room just like Tony's. Every sceen was me going T_T and drooling at the tech.



During my uni days (HA! Only five months ago), I may have earned the nickname, Dead Girl, as well as the title, Little Miss Narcolepsy of the year. This was because I had this tendency to drop face first onto the desk approximately five minutes after the start of any given lecture. Approximately 60-70% of my lectures were spent this way.

Also, I'm inordinately proud I managed to pass medicine despite that.

So today in the meeting, while all the surgeons were waiting for the head of the department, I rested my face on my arms just for a few seconds. Next thing I know, I feel this hand on the back of my head and an American accent saying, way too cheerfully for 7am in the morning, "Wake up."

I may or may not have had a miniature heart attack, cos when I looked up it was the Top Boss Dude, grinning at me. Being the soul of eloquence I am, I kinda just stared and went, "Uh, hello."

The shaaaaaaaaaaaame! Least he, and everybody else in the damn meeting, seemed to think it was adorable or some shit. -_-

EDIT: Also in what could have been a perfect rom-com moment, I walked into an examination room today and there was this guy I went to school with. >>; I used to think he was hot, he used to think I was weird. I might have gone overboard with the professionalism to make up for the awkwardness. *cough*

1st Mar, 2012

Mona Lisa...kinda small. Preferred Consecration of Napoleon to be honest.

Also I am shocked by how well I we have survived her despite not knowing the language, or how to traverse the ublic system of transport

The Confessions of A Slash Addict

*awesome vs not so awesome

All right, I can't stand it anymore. I really can't. I've gritted my teeth and thought to myself, "one day this too shall pass." It hasn't. And it looks like it's not going to any time soon. So I'm gonna just say it:I hate most original slash novel covers

There. It's out now. I can finally stop feeling conflicted. Now, you might be asking: why Zeffs, why would you hate most original slash covers? Short answer, they lack oomph and class. Long answer...well, for the long answer, you need to buckle yourself in with a glass of vodka at hand. (Like I'm doing right now in fact).

Before we launch into the dark depths of cover art, let me make it very clear, that these are my opinion. You're free to agree or disagree with it. Disagreements are awesome by the way. I feel I should also clarify that while at times my opinions are harsh, the critiques of the covers are not critiques of the publishers or the artists. I will do my best not to insult people or their taste (but sometimes my snark gets the better of me) and all examples used below were picked randomly.

Now that that's out of the way: ONWARDS!Collapse )


29th Jan, 2012

Today has sucked. Yesterday sucked. Can I please just...not have to talk to anyone ever again? Cos I can't be trusted with information and talking to people and days/dates and just urgh fml.

/curls under a blanket


By which I mean, I COMPLETELY forgot today was Christmas Eve. My heatheness got the better of me I guess.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! Hope you're having as wonderful a time as I am (mmmmm fried chicken).

Welp, 2012 is f-ed

I just received my rotations for internship. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING worked out how I wanted it.

March holiday, fine. I am cool with that.

What I am not cool with is starting on Mental Health next year. 4 weeks! 4 weeks of oh god, being the medical bitch. 4 weeks of mental health emergency and I just...that place isn't good for me. That place is going to kill my soul. :(

And then, after the holidays, I get....wait for iiiiiiiiit, orthopaedices (bone surgery thing). Which is bearable but not really on my list of possible careers.

But my favourite. My very very very most favourite is the 8 weeks of obstetrics and gynaecology. You know, the specialty I'm in right now? The one I hate. The one that makes me weep bloody tears? Yeah, that one. My whole year is pain. SO MUCH PAIN.

I'm sure I'll get over it. But right now I'm going to be angry and bitter and smile my way through it.

Ode to science

Well, no, it's more of an ode to the stories that got me through science. I'm in a nostalgic mood tonight and was going through my old list of stories. And these three...just, these three:

All For The Game
Sundering Saga
The Eiffel Tower

I read hundreds of stories in those three years that I haven't mentioned for various reasons. But those three are what I will always think about whenever someone asks me to rec them a good slash fic. I can't recall how many exam periods, SWOTVACs those stories got me through. Each chapter would be a reward for the hours spent cramming. I mean, five years later these authors, these stories are what comes to mind when I wonder if my writing's good enough.

Andrew and Neil and Kevin are the reason I love fucked up, broken, but strangely perfect relationships so much. Schuldich is definitely the reason I love urban fantasy, and Jono the reason I may or may not have a thing for werewolves. And Seb and Paris, pinged the Best Friends In Love trope hard. I haven't found any other fics/characters/writers that make me feel the way these guys do. Especially All for The Game. There was a meme out there a while ago, something about fandoms being like boyfriends, in which case AFTG is not the first boyfriend, or the last but it is the one that wormed its way into my life and left me a happy, broken mess when it finished.

But, what I really want to say is; Thank you. To Andrew, Neil, Kevin, Schuldich, Jono, Seb and Paris for the awesome journey. To Starrie, Sidara and Starcounter (....there's a theme here -_-) for the stories, for my sanity. I know none of you guys will ever read this entry, but...I wanted it out there anyway.

P.S. Elysium, Four Stones Of War, Children Of The Stars, London Calling, Dark Illustrations, Rise Of The Dawn and Eadoin are also deserving of praise but honestly this post would have gone on for ten pages if I gushed about these ones too.

Three months and counting

Till my end of year exam. This is the big one. The one that determines my fitness as a doctor. Me, I'm just aiming for not killing anyone next year. Or permanently maiming I guess.

In the mean time I've got lady part medicine up next. And wow, how much do I NOT want to do that. I've got four babies to assist in popping out and birth is not the miracle of life, okay. It's messy and painful and boring and always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time; like in the middle of the goddamn night. -_-

And I might be getting a research position with one of the doctors. Image interpretation and analysis apparently for his research into visualisation of the microcirculation in shocked patients. I may be getting paid. And I may be getting my name on the paper. But even if either one doesn't happen, I'm definitely not gonna say no to the offer. Although it does mean all my free time's going out the window. >>;

Best WTF moment of the week was when I came online and found someone had recced a story of mine on the_slash_pile. It's just so awful and written something like...five years ago. I'm tempted to rewrite it.


Long time no see guys?

I'm halfway through my final year and I'm slightly terrified of what's waiting for me next year. Also, wondering where I should go...

I want to stay in Brisbane, but at the same time I want to try something...different. And new. But my mother still prescribes to the notion that I stay at home until I'm married or whatever. And I don't want to disappoint her since my brother's doing plenty of that already.

At the end of the day though, I'm just thinking about what's important to me. And it really comes down to family, friends, my career, and then my writing. And the latter three I can get anywhere I go. But my family is here.

On the writing front, I've been writing more than I have in the past...two years. And I don't know why. But I love it.


XKCD has faults, it's true, but some times he comes out with some pretty cool things.

Also, watching a show on whether race is a factor in intelligence. It's an interesting look at history if nothing else.


Aural Porn!

Or in politer society, ear-candy.

Little bit of background - I love video games. I love the puzzles, the strategy games, the RPG, the fighting games, even the occassional FPS. I love games with plots and characters that make me want to squish 'em to my bountiful bosoms. But most of all, I love games with beautiful music. Final Fantasy. Fire Emblem. Mario. Halo. Terranigma. Kingdome Hearts. Chrono Trigger. Secret of Mana. Breath of Fire. FINAL F*****G FANTASY. I could go on and on.

But you know, there's only so many times I can listen to Trail of Blood without getting bored. Which is where OverClocked Remix comes in. This is a description stolen from the website: "OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form."

They take some of the most brilliant (and some not so brilliant) pieces of music and re-arrange them, give them a funky/rock/jazzy/orchestral/pop/tech/trance/whatever spin on it. AND IT'S AWESOME.

Here, have some soul-chomping music, trust me, you won't reget it. Yes, even if you hate video games with a passion (though why would you? D:).Collapse )


8th Dec, 2009

^_________^ I've got a snowflake!

Thank you alice_montrose



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